Monday, June 21, 2021

A Layer of Protection or a Source of Misery?

Monday, June 21, 2021

Face shields, the bane of our existence. Is it effective against the spread of the virus? Who knows? I may be wrong but it looks like the Philippines is the only country in the world who had ordered its people to wear face shields outdoors at all times. Some officials now say that we can already do away with face shields outdoors, but some say that face shields are an added layer of protection that we can't do without. It's all very confusing right now. According to the his spokesperson, the president will clear up the matter today.

I'm all for protection against the virus. I wear a face shield over my mask whenever I go out although there are not that many people outside and the risk of contracting the virus is quite low. Wearing a face shield with a mask in this heat and humidity is hugely uncomfortable, yet I still do it. It's for my peace of mind: at least I can say to myself that I took all precautions necessary to ensure my safety. I have yet to read data that proves how effective face shields are against the virus. It is highly likely that they don't really help, but why not wear them anyway? It surely won't help if they're worn as headbands or sun visors, like most people do. 

Face shields—made utterly ineffective by people not wearing them properly—are just a source of misery to most of us. Maybe it's now time to do away with them. 


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