Monday, April 12, 2021

Of Brutal Surges and Vicious Cycles

Monday, April 12, 2021

I travelled to Brazil in November last year when the country had finally managed to flatten the COVID-19 curve: the average daily number cases was less than 10,000; restrictions for both domestic and international travel were lifted, and it felt like the country was moving closer to taking full control of the virus. The situation in the country has worsened since then and it is now facing a brutal surge with 4,000 daily deaths and its health system about to collapse. This new surge, what the rest of the world is also experiencing, is fueled by more lethal and more transmissible variants of the virus. There is also no certainty whether the vaccines developed for COVID-19 provide enough protection against these new strains or others that have yet to emerge. 

It makes me wonder if we're ever going to overcome this pandemic. Or will we simply go through an endless, vicious cycle of surges, lockdowns, and vaccinations? 


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