Saturday, April 4, 2020

My Quarantine Routine

Saturday, April 4, 2020

My return flight was canceled, and all airlines that fly to the Philippines have suspended operations. I am now stranded in Costa Rica for at least a month. And since D had to catch the last plane back to the US, I am now stuck here alone and in isolation. 

I have been practicing social distancing since I was a child so this life in solitude is nothing new to me. My daily routine usually goes like this:

5:00 am: wake up; watch sunrise, birds, and monkeys; coffee
5:45 am: prepare breakfast
6:00 am: have breakfast; read the news online; chat with D and family
7:30 am: make up the bed, tidy the house
8:00 am: take a bath; read (now rereading Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge
9:00 am: watch NY Gov Cuomo presser on TV
10:00 am: watch Netflix (now watching La Casa de Papel 4); have a snack
11:30 am: prepare lunch

12:00 pm: have lunch, chat with D
1:00 pm: watch local (Costa Rican) news on TV
2:00 pm: write blog post
3:00 pm: watch Netflix
4:00 pm: read
5:00 pm: go for a walk
6:00 pm: watch Anderson 360; chat with D; prepare dinner
7:00 pm: watch Cuomo Prime Time
8:00 pm: read
9:00 pm: go to sleep


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