Monday, February 17, 2020

Of Travel Bans and Sleepless Nights

Monday, February 17, 2020

The recent travel ban imposed by the Philippine government against Taiwan supposedly to arrest the spread of COVID-19 caused me several sleepless nights. It was only when logic prevailed and the authorities decided to lift the ban when I was put at ease.

My upcoming KLM flight has a short stop at Taoyuan International Airport, and because of the ban my flight would have been affected. When it seemed like they intended on keeping the ban despite the lack of local transmission in Taiwan as well as protestation of the country that it is not part of China, I got alarmed. I called the airlines’ local hotline to know about my options. The agent informed me that in case the ban won’t be lifted they are going to reroute my flight through Singapore or Thailand (which, ironically, have more cases of the virus but no travel ban was imposed against them) instead of Taiwan. I was glad to know that the airline already made plans to limit flight disruptions.

I felt quite relieved knowing that my travel plans will push through. Now I can pack and repack to my heart’s content.


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