Thursday, October 26, 2017

Funny, Sad

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Over dinner we chatted in that funny, sad way of people who have known each other since high school about the same things we used to talk about when we were young that now make us feel old. I sat there laughing and talking with my friends while ardently wishing for more moments like those. Yet life happens, priorities change, responsibilities intervene, and we are no longer at liberty to simply while away the hours in each other’s company. The trip we’ve been planning for almost a year now—and which I really look forward to--isn’t happening anymore. That dismays me. But the thought that we are increasingly drifting apart dismays me even more.


Kayni said...

That happens...but you'll have the good memories to keep with you and same with your friend. You never know when you'll reconnect again.

Angeli said...

@Kayni, yes, you are right. There's still time to make that trip happen.
Thank you.

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