Saturday, June 15, 2013


Saturday, June 15, 2013

I am quite proud of myself today. I did something that, given my utter ineptitude in all things mechanical, I consider amazing, even miraculous: I fixed my vacuum cleaner! And because of that, though steeped in sweat and coated with dust, I am beaming with pride and joy.

I was vacuuming the carpet when the vacuum cleaner conked out.  The dust bag is already full, I thought immediately, so I opened the cleaner and emptied the bag. When I plugged in the machine, it still wouldn't work. I tried several times but it just won't budge.  There was clearly something wrong with the suction.  

So I was left with three choices: get somebody to fix the vacuum cleaner, buy a new  one, or fix it myself.  I opted for the last one.

With the help of Google I looked for articles on how I can fix the cleaner, but the ones I read were not that helpful.  Their instructions were for distinct types and brands of cleaners very different from the one I have.  But there's one thing that I learned from all those articles: If there is no suction, there must be a blockage.

So how do I check if there is a blockage? I thought.  I disconnected the hose from the vacuum cleaner then poured water into the hose, hoping that the water would flush out the problem. It didn't but it proved that there was, indeed, a blockage in the hose because the water didn't pass smoothly through to the other end.  I then looked around for something that I could use to push the debris out out of the hose.  I saw the curtain rod; but when I tried to insert it, it wouldn't fit because of the hose's curved parts.  Then I looked around some more until I saw those thick coaxial cables the cable TV guy left behind.  This would do it, I said to myself. And it did.  I was able to push the cable all the way through the hose and remove the blockage.  And by doing so, I saved several thousand pesos for not buying a new vacuum cleaner or paying somebody else to fix it and proved to myself that I can also be a handywoman if I put my mind to it.


Arti said...

When you accomplish something which is new to you, however small that thing may be, you beam with joy :) Good job you did with the vacuum cleaner :)
Have a lovely day Angeli :)

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