Thursday, May 23, 2013


Thursday, May 23, 2013

I’ve been rather preoccupied with several things lately – my Nihongo classes, our trip to the island of Boracay, my changing jobs and the never-ending travel plans, that always acts as my pick-me-up.

I did not expect the amount of time that learning Japanese demands.  I have to study incessantly for if I don’t I would fall back and it would be impossible to catch up and relearn everything.  The amount of words to memorize is just staggering.  I study almost every day, but I still cannot understand the dialogue in Japanese movies without English subtitles.

I am still trying to adapt to my new workplace.  I’ve been here for a week now and the culture is way different from the old one. The funny thing is that was mistaken for a fresh graduate.

My siblings and I recently went to Boracay where we celebrated the 18th birthday of our youngest sister. Spending several days on the beach made me yearn for the mountains. Climbing a volcano in Indonesia is next on my list.


Unknown said...

lumipat ka na pala ng work? kumusta naman? :-)

Angeli said...

yes, Paul, lumipat na ako. kukuwentuhan kita ng mahaba soon, promise. :D

Arti said...

Ah! Happy times spent with family. Hope you tick off the Volcano climbing in Indonesia soon. Have a lovely day Angeli :)

Kayni said... more learning and memorizing for me for the time being...i like to think i'm on summer break kahit na i still have to keep thinking about my thesis :(. climbing volcano sounds fun...sama mo ako :)

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