Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Of Cell Phones and Bees

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it stubborn to refuse to use a mobile phone and not be within constant reach of everyone anytime, all the time? People find it peculiar when I say that I have a phone but I leave it at home, ignored and unattended and used only as needed.  

‘Why?’ They ask. ‘Because cell phone signals kill bees,’ I half-jokingly reply.

But it’s not really that.  For several years now I don’t find it necessary to have my mobile with me all the time. Phones encumber people, like me, who try to lead obscure and unfettered lives. That I have to be at someone’s beck and call beyond office hours and even during vacations is something that I don’t understand. But some simply cannot be out of reach even for a while and they welcome intrusions on their private time. That they need to be accessible at all times shows how busy or in demand they are.   When I see people devotedly attuned to their phones, neither engaged nor disengaged in conversations but only paying continuous partial attention, I’m glad I’m not that busy yet sorry for the busy bees.   


Arti said...

We share this trait Angeli!! Especially when I am travelling, I just dont like gadgets around me. I cant understand how people can enjoy their travel when they are constantly on twitter, fb, mails, and what not!!!
And that answer about bees being killed is now in my armour as well :)

Amelia said...

Perhaps you're right but as a mom of two I need to constantly check my kids & call my mother whose in pinas to check her... I guess it depends on the needs ;)

witsandnuts said...

I rarely check my phone, hence, missed calls and delay response to messages. However, I carry 3 phones everyday. LOL. Yeah, that's strange.

artemis said...

true indeed, it's good that you are able to maintain such lifestyle without succumbing to the masses' "normal" ways. life can indeed be more meaningful, fuller, richer and peaceful without these modern distractions...

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