Monday, July 9, 2012

West to Midwest

Monday, July 9, 2012

Searching for a house, our house, has proven to be truly heartbreaking. For the second time, we’ve lost that property we thought was already ours. Who would have known that by missing to tick a box you would lose a house? It sounds trivial and arbitrary, but it’s exactly what happened. The listing agent failed to put an X mark on one of the boxes in the document. It lead to the bid being cancelled and dashed hopes on our part. We tried to submit another offer, but they’ve awarded it to the next in line. 

Pinning our hopes on the overly volatile housing market of Las Vegas, we realized, is a terrible idea. And so we decided to expand our search towards the Midwest. I would have wanted to live in an area where it’s warm, where there’s a sizeable Filipino community, where the mountains are just a short drive away. But I can trade all of those for a place where I can jog along the lake, grow a flower and vegetable garden in my backyard, walk to the library whenever I want and be with the man I love. 

And so the hunt continues. May luck be on our side this time.


A said...

Best of luck Angeli :-)

Loree said...

Good luck with your house hunting! I did not realise you were moving to the US.

artemis said...

oh i thought your plan (if I remember, as I read in your past blog) was to live in the PH a peaceful, simple and carefree life with your man somewhere in the beach side? But I think the way you described how you plan to live in the US is as peaceful and as expansive too. good luck! :-)

Angeli said...

yeah, kahit saan naman, puwede siguro. basta tahimik lang. :)

d_d_d said...

I am excited and also hopeful for both of you : )

konti na lang

Angeli said...

salamat, dina. ang hirap maghanap ng bahay. sana mahanap na nga para tuloy-tuloy na ang plano.

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