Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There is something in that pillow-laden, slightly sagging, dimly lit top bunk in my mother’s house that never fails to give me a good night’s sleep. Whenever I spend the night, I immediately fall into a deep, uninterrupted slumber and wake up with the suspicion that my siblings must have again hidden the stairs that I use to climb down the bed, as they—full of playful mischief--often do. With disguised merriment, I anticipate those pranks they pull on me, just as much as I could count on that huge mug of taho (tofu yogurt) that my mother buys for me from the neighborhood vendor every time I’m there.  Whenever I sit in that sun-filled kitchen with the delicious smell of morning cooking wafting through the air, chatting with my mother and waiting for my siblings to wake up, I feel invigorated, as though I could take on the world. 

It must be the cool, fresh air blowing from the corn fields that lulls me to sleep; or the comforting tightness of the narrow bed weighed down by various stuffed animals and half a dozen pillows; or sheer tiredness from trying to stay awake and refusing to let a wonderful day to end; or it must be the soothing clasp of family that always makes for a good night’s sleep.


e[k]stranghero said...

"...or sheer tiredness from trying to stay awake and refusing to let a wonderful day end"

grabe, parang sobrang saya ng araw mo kapag umuuwi ka ah? ganyan din pakiramdam ko nung college ako. ngayon kasi, lagi na ako sa probinsya. hehehe.

Angeli said...

twice a month lang kasi ako nakaakauwi kaya basta nandoon ako parang laging special event. ang saya ko nga nung nakaraang weekend kasi niluto ng nanay ko yung paborito kong ulam na hipon. :)

ang sarap sigurong manirahan diyan sa probinsiya, 'no?

Loree said...

What is it about certain places that makes them fee so restful? I really enjoyed this glimpse into your life.

A said...

I love this Angeli. When I just think of my old bed or old home, I feel "safe".

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