Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Resolutions: What Have I Achieved so Far?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Half the year has passed, yet I’ve achieved only one of the ten travel resolutions that I made at the start of 2012:  

See more of my country

I remember that moment when, realizing how inexcusably ignorant I am of the wonderful places in the Philippines, I resolved to discover the land of my birth.  And I‘m proud to say that for the past several months I did just that. I was able to climb three mountains in different parts of the country - Mt. Pulag in Northern Luzon, Mt. Pico de Loro in Southern Luzon and Mt. Pinatubo in Central Luzon.   To fully describe the beauty and grandeur of those places is to fail – a thing I won’t even attempt. And to see more of my country is to discover unplumbed parts of myself.

Half the year has passed, yet I’ve achieved only one of my ten travel resolutions. It simply means that I have the rest of the year to revel in the delights of making the other nine real. 

(Response to the Indie TravelChallenge 2012 Week 26 Prompt: “Look back at the travel resolutions you made for the first week of Indie Travel Challenge. What have you achieved so far? What is something that you are proud of?”)


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