Monday, June 4, 2012

House Hunting

Monday, June 4, 2012

A three-bedroom house with a backyard - that’s all we wanted. With the number of houses out in the market, it looked simple enough, yet house hunting proved to be more difficult than I thought it would—or should--be. 

We thought we already had that mustard-colored two-storey house, but at the last minute, when everything appeared to go according to plan, it was snatched away from us. Offering a price higher than the house’s assessed market value seemed to be a good idea just to secure the house, but it turned out to be the opposite. Trusting our realtor’s word and exercising patience over glaring inefficiencies were errors in judgment that cost us that house. And we simply cannot battle a system that is operated by automation and built on bureaucratic principles. 

But then again, maybe it’s simply not meant to be. That house was not for us. 

It’s been months since we started the search, yet our dream house continues to be just a dream. I hope it won’t be for long. The search goes on, and each day we look forward to a new listing; we hope for our offer to be accepted; and we yearn to find that house that we can call ours.


Unknown said...

i have this feeling na kapag pinasulat sa iyo ang phone directory ng PLDT, posible siyang maging new york times best seller*... :-)

makaka-asa ba kami na imbitado kami sa house warming pag nakita nyo na ang dream house ninyo? hehehe.

*or whatever counterpart meron tayo dito sa 'pinas. hehehe.

Angeli said...

best seller ka diyan.. hahahah..

of course, paul, you are invited. sana lang mahanap na. :D

Anonymous said...

this time a backyard and/or a porch is a must. hahaha...

Angeli said...

oh yeah! we need a place to plant malunggay. :)

Kayni said...

are you in the US angeli?

house hunting is full of heartaches and excitement. when i was house hunting three years ago, there was a house i really wanted that got snatched the same day i wanted to put a bid. but like you said, it wasn't for me. until i found my current home in the country, with the backyard and surrounded by farms...just like i wanted it to be.

Angeli said...

full of heartaches and excitement. that is so true, kayni.

and to answer your question, i am here in manila. :)

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