Monday, March 26, 2012


Monday, March 26, 2012

Losing myself in a book and abandoning the mental chatter and superfluous inanity of the real world has become so easy that I found myself doing precisely that for the past week. But the escape that I longed for proved hard to achieve. How can I dissociate myself from what is really happening when the books that I read not only transform how I think about the world but also affirm that which I want to escape from? The parallelism between Westeros and this world we live in are too amusing and disquieting to ignore; the dystopian world of Panem is undeniably an allegory of politics and a critique of modern celebrity and reality TV; K’s futile struggle to enter The Castle portrays the struggle against aloneness and the yearning for recognition. The books that I thought would disentangle me from reality knot me more into it.


Loree said...

yes certain books have a way of doing that sometimes.

Arti said...

Books always transfer me to some other world. It completely shuts out this world when I read.

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