Friday, February 24, 2012


Friday, February 24, 2012

Book development has started and work is starting to pile up. I am so behind on my Spanish lessons that I need to go back to the very first lesson to refresh my mind and establish continuity once again. I don’t mind starting afresh anyway. The lessons are quite fascinating. I just don’t have enough time to spare for all the fascination that I want.


Arti said...

All the very best for your Spanish lessons Angeli!
Wish you a wonderful weekend:)

Kayni said...

spanish is fun especially the conjugation. i'm sure you'll catch up soon. ikaw pa.

it's busy here too - so many things going on in addition to being sick.

Anonymous said...

today i learned 'para aqui o para vaya'. in the philippines they say 'para aquĆ­ o para llevar'.

Angeli said...

@Arti: Thank you. May you have a wonderful week, too.

@Kayni: I'm loving Spanish conjugation. the nuances of the language say a lot about their culture.

@Anonymous: Nothing beats BAJA! don't you think? :)

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