Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Travel Resolutions (which sound more like a bucket list)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indie Travel Challenge Prompt 1: "What are your 2012 travel resolutions? What, specifically, do you want to do this year?"
  1. See the Dalai Lama in person in his home-in-exile, Dharamsala, in Himachal Pradesh, India
  2. Master the art of--and summon the utmost patience for--overland travel
  3. Join in the communal breaking of bread, the Guru-ka-Langar, at Amritsar’s  Golden Temple
  4. Sleep in a dorm-type backpacker’s hostel
  5. Travel (anywhere) by an overnight sleeper train
  6. Travel light (bring less of everything- footwear, accessories, clothes, toiletries) 
  7. Get a shot of some alpine adrenaline from the spectacular Himalayan landscape
  8. Obsess less about each itinerary detail
  9. See more of my country
  10. Learn to converse in a foreign language


eks said...

#1 -- holy s. you think there's a chance they will allow you to have a picture taken? :-D lupet!

Angeli said...

libre ang mangarap at gumawa ng listahan. hahahah

sa mga public ceremony yata puwede syang ma-meet at makuhanan ng picture. :)

archer dee said...

Taking on challenges #s 9 & 10 for myself beginning this 2012! Happy new year Ms. Angeli.

Angeli said...

Good luck to us, Archer Dee. Happy new year to you, too! :)

Kayni said...

i love this list. happy year of travels!

Jen said...

Jill, I want # 1 also!!! if ur going there, let me know! Hindi nga, seryoso. :) ---jen

Angeli said...

@kayni: thanks! happy year of travels to you, too.:)

@jen: mare, ready ka bang umakyat ng bundok at magpakapagod ng ilang linggo? :)

Bucketlist said...

I really love your bucket list, keep it up i will come again.

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