Sunday, November 6, 2011

Indie Travel: Embracing Change

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Change can be exciting and bring new joys into our lives. But it can present challenges that frustrate or annoy us. How has travel changed you in the last year? Did you welcome these changes or resist them at the time, and how do you feel about them now? (Embracing Change - Day 2 of 30 Days of Indie Travel Project)

People talk of moments of epiphany while on the road.  Mine came when my legs could no longer move and I have to let the group finish last year’s hike up Bukit Teresek in Taman Negara without me.  The climb took less than an hour, but halfway through my legs were already leaden and I was grasping for air. I wanted to keep going but knew that I won’t make it; I had to stop and rest. It was then, in the middle of that rainforest in Malaysia, when I understood how ill prepared I was for the things that I want to do in life.  How can I climb mountains when I can’t even manage this hill? I asked myself.

It was very humbling. That hike, short as it was, showed me the full extent of my limitations. I realized that I needed to get in shape for the Inca Trail trek we planned to do next.  And so I did.  It took me months of training to achieve the body that I wanted. Those months of training afforded me the luxury of enjoying the beauty and arduousness of the trek.

Because of my love of travel, I now maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s the most important change, I guess.


Anonymous said...

i thought, you did not finish teresek hill climb because you can not stand the sweaty smell of the hike group. :)

Angeli said...

it was embarrassing. my stamina was like that of the woman twice my age who stayed back with me. remember her?

some sweated more than the others, but not all remembered to apply deodorants. :)

Loree said...

you found the perfect motivation to change. Change can be a good thing and, in your case, it certainly was and you reaped the benefits.

Angeli said...

you are right, Loree. travel is the best motivation for leading a healthy life, and vice versa. :)

Kayni said...

hmmm...i do feel i have a mountain to climb in front of me right now. hopefully, i'll get some inspiration somewhere along the way like you did.

Angeli said...

soon you will, kayni. stay strong.

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