Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It’s been 12 years since we graduated from college, yet the yearbook that’s supposed to capture our college experience remains to be an idea, a wish, a topic of conversation. Some paid for the yearbook, some did not, some got their payments back, but we don’t even have complete records of who those people are. We don’t have our graduation pictures any longer. And we don’t even look like those pictures anymore! Some say that the yearbook’s been printed and delivered, but nobody has seen a copy of it, if there ever was one. And it’s only now that the batch has started digging up the facts. 

As part of the editorial team, I am also to blame for the whole fuck up. But as part of the entire graduating class, everybody is to blame for what happened. We never cared enough to finish the yearbook before we graduated and start building our lives outside the university. And if we did not care enough before, do we—or could we--care enough now? Years have passed, everybody has changed. We cannot even remember what happened then. Can we, as a batch, put together a 12-year old yearbook from scratch? What’s the point? Should we still? Perhaps, out of principle, we should. 

I was one among those who cannot afford to pay for the yearbook then. I didn’t mind because the idea of a yearbook seems like a lot of nonsense to me, expensive nonsense at that. But through the years that yearbook has become more meaningful because its nonexistence reflects our nostalgic yearning for those carefree days in school.


Loree said...

Expensive nostalgia perhaps but I love to take walks down memory lane.

Arti said...

School and College days always evoke a feel of nostalgia... There should be something which can help us relive those moments, those moments are invaluable!!
Have a fabulous week ahead Angeli:)

artemis said...

hahaha! indeed, indeed, what a dilemma. i paid for it and i don't think i withdrew because i did not know we can get back our money. i left soon after grad and when i came back i haven't heard about the yearbook again.

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