Thursday, October 27, 2011


Thursday, October 27, 2011

I don’t like speaking in public; it’s like performing for an audience who expect tricks or virtuosity that I do not possess. And in instances when I am cornered to do presentations I realize that I am constantly editing myself. It is easy to say that my profession as an editor makes such thing forgivable. It doesn’t. I have to learn how to say what I want to say in the exact way that I want to say it. 

Speech does not come as naturally to me as writing. The ideas in my head that I can effortlessly pour out through writing become fixed and motionless when verbalized. When I write I can always pause and think of the right words, alter them or turn them around in order to express myself perfectly. But when I speak there seems to be no time to gather my thoughts. I find myself starting to say a sentence and then revising it according to the principles of grammar and style and ending up making the entire sentence simply incomprehensible.


A said...

That is so interesting Angeli.
I am the other way around. Speaking is so easy, thoughts and words flow, but when I write... I can't find the words.

Loree said...

I am just like you Angeli. I always end up having discussions with my manager - he wants me to phone people, I like to email. When I email I remember to say everything I need to. When I phone I forget half the things I meant to ask. So I can definitely say that I prefer writing to talking.

Arti said...

I am actually poor at both - speaking as well as writing - words in any which way come by hard for me :(

Kayni said...

i just finished two presentations in class. i was shaking for quite a bit :)

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