Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I don’t want to turn into one of those people who bitch about their jobs every chance they got, or those who are so enslaved by their work that they thrive on stress and cannot imagine a world without it.  That is the reason why I fought hard to stay in the position that I am right now. I like my job as it is, and I love the freedom that goes with it.  But it’s now time to take on more challenges in life. It’s just plain stupid to prefer stagnation over advancement or to keep on declining something that will probably do me good.


eks said...

corner-office-kind of offer? lam mo naiinis din ako sa mga ganung tao. yung tipong "i have the most stressful job in the world" people. kung ayaw nila, iwanan nila. kung di nila maiwan, tanggapin nila yung kaakibat na stress ng trabaho.

kwentuhan mo naman kami sa offer sa iyo. :-)

btw, nung highschool ako, i didnt know there's a world wide web. i only knew wordstar was stupid. hehehe. and my teacher-crush then... polsci major. hehehe. pag-apak ko sa UP... "ma'am, my email address is the same as my provincial address."


Angeli said...

oo nga ano? wordstar lang at cobol lang ang computer subjects natin noon. ngayon nagkukumahog tayong habulin ang napakabilis na pagbabago sa teknolohiya.

yeah, corner office overlooking wackwack. hahahah... kukuwentuhan kita pag matuloy yung dinner natin. marami ka ring ikukuwento sa akin no. :)

Loree said...

that's always a tough decision because it signifies a turning point. Good luck.

Kayni said...

good luck. it's good to face something new.

Arti said...

Change is the only thing thats constant. All the best Angeli, may it turn out to be better than the previous one.

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