Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The price we pay to lose weight

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frustrated with her weight but doesn’t have the time and energy to work out, a friend of mine has decided to take Orlistat, a drug that manages weight loss by preventing the body from absorbing dietary fats. With Orlistat taken thrice a day, 25-30 percent of fat from the food that she eats is blocked from digestion, and the unabsorbed fat is excreted instead. After five months of taking this lipase inhibitor, she’s lost 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and spent PHP 20,000 (USD 460). That’s like paying a hundred dollars to lose a kilo of body weight. 

With lipase inhibitors, it looks quite easy to lose weight without doing anything or restricting our food intake. Though it assures weight loss, taking these drugs does not make us healthy as exercise and good eating habits do. The amount we spend on these drugs may not only be the price that we have to pay for weight loss. Weight loss drugs make us look great while inflicting harm on our bodies. The long-term, potential side-effects of taking lipase inhibitors include liver failure, kidney injury and lesions in the colon - the price we may have to pay for the pounds we need to lose.


Loree said...

Some people prefer to go the 'easy' way without thinking of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

eat well, exercise and die anyway is weigh loss inspiration. :)

A said...

Diet pills are so scary Angeli. Also scary? Stomach surgeries + liposuction, etc.

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