Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What’s the point of writing?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is the point of writing when nobody reads what you write?

I think that writing in itself can be its own reason for being. It feels great to know that there are a few who read my work, but the mere process of stringing words together already provides me with tremendous satisfaction. Writing has ceased to be about my wanting to be read but has become indistinguishable from living my life.

Maybe the point is to continue writing as if—or although--no one is reading.


Anonymous said...

i used to sing like nobody is listening but i was wrong - someone threw a rotten tomato at me. hahaha

Angeli said...

you are comparing my writing to your singing then? :)

Loree said...

I think those who write do so primarily for themselves. We write because we have to - and that's the real reason. The fact that other people might read our words is just an added bonus.

archer dee said...

For me, I stopped publishing my thoughts in the world wide web because I felt and realized that I was writing not for me, but for someone who may read what I wrote. Going back to ink and paper affirmed my need to write.

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