Friday, August 19, 2011

Peru in Color (1 of 2)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Peru means ‘land of abundance’ in Quecha, a remarkably appropriate name for a country whose diversity and incredible beauty are beyond all my words to express. The country’s myriad colors signify the richness of its culture and the exuberance of its people.

Peruvian ceramics, locals at the Inti Raymi Festival, dyes sold at the Pisac market, a weaver in Arequipa 
corn farm in Calca, an alpaca, rooftops in Cuzco, buildings in Machu Picchu, mud and adobe house in Huaran
Urubamba market, a Peruvian lady, a blue vase on a blue window
The above photos were taken during our trip to Peru in June and July 2011.


Anonymous said...

i thought i have to die first to be in heaven.

but in peru there is chicha de jora, pisco sour, coco leaves (cure for all ailments), cusquena, cuy and trucha.

Arti said...

What colors, just like India!!!
Love the bright dyes and the beautiful collage presentation Angeli... Also loved the born fields and the blueness of the last collage!!!
Have a fabulous weekend:)

Arti said...

*born = corn

Angeli said...

anonymous, let's not include cuy, please. hahahah.. the chupe de camarones in arequipa was heavenly too. :)

hello arti. yes, peru is very colorful. that's one of the things that i noticed immediately. have a fabulous weekend, too! :)

Vitchie said...

very beautiful, people and cultures of the world...

Angeli said...

hi vitchie. what you said is what makes travel so inviting. :)

Kayni said...

i love these photos :).

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