Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday, August 12, 2011

I have started weaning myself off Facebook. It is not a complete disassociation from the world of social networking but more of a conscious attempt to remove Facebook from my daily routine.

Facebook has enabled me to keep in touch with friends all over the world, but reading or responding to friends’ status updates is not a substitute for having a real conversation with them. I feel as though what I see or read on Facebook is trivial and superficial. It doesn’t tell me what is truly happening with my friends’ lives. It merely gives me a false sense of connection with them. I love reading friends’ witty quips or looking at their travel pictures, but I realized that I don’t really have to know that much detail about things that should not be shared at all, shared by an indiscriminate mass of ‘friends’ whom I barely know.

The ability of social media to surround us with constant chatter and fill in life’s idle moments has made them habit-forming and time-consuming. Through the years, I probably spent more time on Facebook than I should have. It is now time to realign my day-to-day routine. Like mobile phones that, for several years now, I have managed to live without but to some people are indispensable, Facebook doesn’t have to be a staple of my existence. By limiting my visits to Facebook, I could devote more time to things that deserve my prolonged attention; by denying myself of its transient pleasures, I could concentrate more on the enduring rewards of life.


Anonymous said...

facebook? what is that?

Angeli said...

what cave did you come from? hahahahahhahaha

Arti said...

Nice post Angeli...
I am not on facebook, so you can take some inspiration from me!!!
Have a wonderful weekend:)

Vitchie said...

i just closed my fb window after reading this, haha. what you say is very true... this fb social connection stuff is stealing our quality time with ourselves and scattering / distracting our attention away from things more helpful in our lives.

Also TV, I don't watch.. for several years now :-)

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