Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At Random

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting only three hours of sleep doesn’t help when one’s trying to finish a proposal.
Some people have twitter-sized attention spans.
Can I get away with skinny jeans, hiking boots and a sleeveless top at work on Friday?
…not a comment about religion but how society treats things we idolize.” He didn’t know he’d end up crucified, too.
I have to buy a new swimsuit. A bandeau this time.
It seemed as if the world had drained itself of all possible topics of conversation. The only ones left are babies, bellies, parenthood and pregnancy.
They say postmodernism is now dead. Hasn’t it been for some now?
Maybe I should try that new Vietnamese restaurant around the corner.
People always say mabait when they mean mabutiKind doesn’t really mean good, does it?
Three sets of twenty repetitions of plank with alternating leg lifts do not sound very inviting.


A said...

:-))) twitter sized attention span, you nailed it girl.
ironically, sometimes dealing with the mundane is just so refreshing, isn't it? so easy to blog about coffee, boots or missing the bus. So hard to digest & recycle substantial stuff though. Or I guess it is possible to reflect on 'real' stuff through the banalities, who knows.

Anyway, sorry about the novel -- your post was so thought provoking.


[All typos courtesy of my iPhone.]

Anonymous said...

so are you wearing the skinny jeans, hiking boots, and sleeveless top today? :) i like that bit about the twitter sized attention span. pretty much describes me. :lol:

Angeli said...

hello agnes. welcome back. the blogging world missed you. :)

hi prinsesa musang. oh yes, i did. it was quite refreshing not to wear heels today. my feet needed a break. hahaha

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