Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the present scene

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Since happiness is most often met by those who have learned to live in every moment of the present, none has such prodigal opportunities as the traveler… So long as he loses consciousness of self and is aware in all his senses of the present scene, almost any part of the world is as good as another. Mountain or desert, it is all one.” (Thomas George Longstaff, This My Voyage, 1950)


Loree said...

Yes it is all one. The best part of it all is the adventure and discovering a new place.

Unknown said...

for a while i thought this is a poster from Tomb Raider III. :-)

whew! breathtaking!

Angeli said...

@paul: sana lang kamukha ko talaga si angelina jolie. hahaha.. thanks, paul.

@loree: it is always a pleasure to be in a country so different, topographically and culturally, from your own.

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