Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Experiences in Peru

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life affords us very few opportunities to escape the tedium of the everyday and really feel alive. I am thankful for having been given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to:

1. Climb up to the Dead Woman’s Pass and go down the Gringo Killer along the Inca Trail

3. Retreat into the splendid isolation of The Green House in Huaran

4. Walk for two hours at dawn in the rain to catch my first glimpse of Machu Picchu bathed in the mist

5. Eat alongside locals in a market in Urumbamba


7. Enjoy a huge glass of chicha de jora in Pisac

8. Jog along the Costa Verde in Miraflores

9. Savor delightful three-course gourmet meals in dining tents set up on camping sites along the trail

10. Explore Cuzco on foot

I’m going to write more about some of these experiences in the succeeding posts.


    Anonymous said...

    and feast on chiriuchu! highlight of the trip. :)

    Angeli said...

    yarks! how about the contact lens morning? hahahah

    Angeli said...

    what was the highlight of the trip for you, honey?

    Anonymous said...

    You do get about. I liked your report on the bus crash; really entertaining and very well written. Well done you Angeli.

    witsandnuts said...

    I'm so jealous! I loved all your "patikim" shots. Looking forward to your succeeding posts!

    Angeli said...

    thank you, frank. you always have nice words about my writing. :)

    hi wits. it's a bit difficult to organize my thoughts about the trip. i have yet to process what has happened to come up with something worth reading. :)

    Amelia said...

    Nice! ;)

    Angeli said...

    thanks, amelia. :)

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