Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under a Setting Sun

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sitting under a setting sun enveloped in the salty night air, the gentle hum of the small seaside town, the sparkle of purling water and the warmth of family, I felt joy seep through me. My worries ebbed as the heat of the day receded into the night.


Loree said...

Beautiful thoughts Angeli. I was there with you under the setting sun.

Arti said...

I can feel the evening glow and the serenity as well!

Anonymous said...

i can live in that hut until judgment day. :)

Anonymous said...


Kayni said...

ang ganda...i miss the sea.

Angeli said...

@anonymous: do you think that hut can hold a library of books? hahaha

@kayni: the water is beckoning you, kayni. it's almost summertime. head to the beach! :D

@Arti: it was truly serene out there.

@Loree: thank you.

@jayvagni: thanks for adding me to your blogroll. your ilocano haikus keep me connected to the language and culture that i left behind.

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