Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Planned yet Unstructured Vacation

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When it comes to travel preparations what gives me joy brings stress to my boyfriend. We both succumb to the lure of the open road yet differ in the way we approach it. While I spend months reading guide books and combing the net for information and all possible options, he goes about with a nonchalant air, disinclined to know anything about the destination before he gets there for fear that even the simplest quotidian fact will ruin the surprise of the place. What I take pleasure in—searching for and booking organized tours, the best hotels and inns, the cheapest air fares, the correct bus routes – is stressful to him. He just loathes structured vacations.

He is not to blame though. While there is logic in planning a trip to its most infinitesimal detail, nothing compares to the utmost delight in discovering a place full of wonder that you've neither sought and planned for nor read about - a place where you gaze and stare, astonished by the beauty of the world around you that no photograph or guidebook can describe. And we hope to stumble upon such kind of place.

There’s a few more weeks left, but we’re now all set for our three-week planned yet unstructured trip to Peru.


Anonymous said...

"surprise me!" my kind of vacation!

Arti said...

Even I am your type, but the joys of discovering new wonders just accidently is so much more worthy!!! Have an exciting journey, keep us posted:)

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