Wednesday, May 4, 2011

China Chronicles Four: Minutiae of Macau's Beauty

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My friends and I spent the first week of the year in Macau. The place then was inundated with visitors that its beauty is almost concealed by tourist crowds. Despite its touristy feel, Macau's charm shone through its:  

scrumptious Cantonese dishes,

 mouthwatering egg tarts,

intricately designed architecture 

cobblestoned streets,

touches of old amid everything new,

jerkies being sold in the streets,

and lion dancers preparing for their performance.


Loree said...

Thanks for the short trip to Macau. And yes, my mum still has that old chest and its still in the same place. But the clothes are long gone :(

Anonymous said...

i have to look up the meaning of minutiae. ah... now i remember elaine used that word. or was it lisa.

that outdoor fireplace looks like a sad face. :)

Angeli said...

@anonymous: he/she is smizing!

@Loree: at least you still have the wardrobe. thanks for the comment. :)

Amelia said...

di namin natikman yung egg tart...masarap ba? nice photos Angeli ;)

Angeli said...

sobrang sarap. pag kumain ka ng isa, parang gusto mo nang ubusin yung isang box. :)

Vitchie said...

cool photos... i heard macau is really a lovely tiny place, buti na lang malapit lang at may murang airfare, could become a weekend trip someday...

Angeli said...

oh yes. look out for sales on Cebu Pacific. pag nataunan mong sale, mura lang talaga.

Amelia said...

aaawwww... sana pala tinikman namin. yung dito kasi di ko nagustuhan :(

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