Monday, February 21, 2011

Inca Trail: Permits, Packing Lists and Porters

Monday, February 21, 2011

With only 200 trekkers allowed each day on the Inca Trail, it is no wonder that all trek permits for departures in March until May of this year have been fully booked since January and those for June are almost sold out.  It’s a good thing we were able to secure trek permits for our chosen travel dates before they’ve completely ran out.

There are four months to go, and we've started preparing the things we'd need to bring for the four-day hike:

A daypack that would hold 

Our passports
1.5-liter water bottle and purification tablets
Camera with extra batteries
Wet wipes
Sun hat
Extra jacket
Snacks and coca leaves

And a duffel bag (to be carried by a porter) that would contain:

-10C sleeping bag with double foam mattress
Change of clothing
Bathing clothes for the hot springs
Extra pair of hiking boots
Towel and toiletries
Eyeglasses and contact lens kit
Medicines for altitude sickness and diarrhea
Insect repellent
Hand sanitizer
Flashlight and head torch
Trekking poles

All other superfluous accoutrements must be left behind because there are limits to the weight a personal porter could carry:  Each trekker can only give a maximum of six kilos of personal items (including the sleeping bag and the mattress) for the porter to carry. There are laws that protect porter welfare in Peru, and this practice of limiting the weight that porters could carry provides a safeguard against porter overload and maltreatment. In fact, one of the reasons why I chose our tour operator among hundreds of companies in Cuzco alone is its reputation for promoting responsible tourism and porter welfare.


Anonymous said...

takes a lot of pictures and only leave footprints behind!

Angeli said...

i think we'll leave more than footprints behind. hahahahhahahah

Arti said...

Quite a law... In India we have no such laws for the protection of porters...
Have a wonderful day:-)

witsandnuts said...

This trip sounds very exciting! I think that I'm physically deficient for this kind. Excited ako para sayo. :)

Loree said...

I can't wait for the photos. I am sure it will be an incredible experience.

Kayni said...

this will be an amazing trip. lots of photos please.

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