Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thursday, January 6, 2011

I had only to stop thinking and embrace that shimmering moment of intoxication, when the past is fused with the present and familiar old emotions blend with the excitement of rediscovery. Spending time with a person who knew me when I was younger laughing over our adolescent indiscretions and reliving that certain level of idiocy only teenagers have a right to released me, for a moment, from the person I have become. Within that bubble of time I returned to an earlier self -- when I still believed in the possibility of hope, when my mind is not yet constantly interrogating itself, when days were still untroubled and joy was free, when stupidity was the norm and having fun was fun. Reminiscing about the closeness that was, or wasn’t quite, or might have been, or never could be, we had a taste of happiness that’s ever so tenuous, so ephemeral, and the sweeter for it.


Loree said...

Ah youth. Sometimes we don't make the most of it and it just goes by so quickly.

Arti said...

I completely second Loree... We can do so much in youth!!

Anonymous said...

Very sober posting from you Angeli, but life really doesn't need to be that serious. You should always be having care-free fun; always. Fun is not the preserve of the young; it is a gift to all people of all ages and that includes you too.

Anonymous said...

I made it my life's mantra to have fun all the time, no matter what. because the more you open up to fun, the more it enters your life. :-)

Angeli said...

I sound like an old woman who doesn't know how to have fun anymore. I still do. :)

Unstranger, you have this uncanny ability to pull me back and make me see things in a different perspective. because of that, your comments become extra special. thank you, frank. i appreciate it.

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