Monday, November 22, 2010

Street of Imaginings

Monday, November 22, 2010

The light was gentle, a blend of twilight and the lambent radiance of street lamps, which illuminated the darkness of moss- and graffiti-covered walls, crumbling stucco, and a pavement whose stillness conjures nary a hint of occupancy. Strolling along this backstreet, I wondered not so much about what the faint light concealed as what it could reveal. In oneiric semidarkness, the narrow street transformed into a place of my dreams: I didn’t see open sewer lines running along the sidewalk but a sparkling stream with a footpath shaded by trees, nor graffitied walls flanking the street but stone structures that withstood, and were made more beautiful, by the passage of time; the air smelled of earthy freshness, and not of sewage effluvium and exhaust emissions. While the main boulevard and the rest of the city reverberated with discordant activity, on that street of imaginings I could walk in seclusion and tranquility.


Loree said...

Your writing is always so beautiful and descriptive. I felt like I was right there on that street with you.

Angeli said...

i don't often go to exotic places that I can blog about; i don't have nice pictures that I can post. what i lack in content, i try to make up with the beauty of words. :)

thank you, Loree. :)

Anonymous said...

bravo! i know you can write as well if not better than anyone, including my current read GF!

Angeli said...

thank you, but who or what is GF?

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