Thursday, November 4, 2010

Combining Fixations

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It took me a little while to realize that that airless staircase could accommodate two of my current obsessions: learning a foreign language and getting fit for the Inca Trail. Since we started planning for the trip to Peru I, believing that climbing stairs would be a good aerobic and knees strengthening exercise, have ignored the presence of the elevators and opted to use the stairs, instead. Aiming to abate this obsession but always ending up satisfying it, I do nightly rounds of stairs – down to the ground floor and up to the 10th and back until my knees yell for mercy. It may be a nightly ascent towards a higher level of idiocy or an exercise in pushing one’s self to the limit, but I do it anyway.

Engaging the intellect, I realized, invigorated that otherwise tiresome physical activity. By listening to Japanese audio books while going up and down the stairs, I didn’t hear my knees complaining. Concentrating on the correct conjugation of different verb forms distracted me from feeling the pressure on my calves. It was like finding something else, other than the physical exertion, to worry about.

Learning a foreign language while climbing stairs, a way of exercising both body and mind, turned out to be a perfect combination of fixations.


Anonymous said...

what do you do for the soul? let me guess, you eat soul food, laterwards!

Loree said...

Wow. I am blown away by your physical and mental stamina.

Angeli said...

hello anonymous? for the soul? i devour literature for that. hahah

hi loree. it's more of a disorder than stamina. :)

Artemis said...

good-luck Angeli for "pushing oneself to the limit," it actually also gives life unexpected excitement. I, too, do try to push myself to the limit. right now i'm learning Latin ballroom dance. :-)... i believe that enhancing ourselves in any way we can is a way to enhance the world too! tehee.

Angeli said...

you are so right, artemis. i can imagine you dancing the rumba.. you must be good at it na? :)

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