Monday, September 13, 2010


Monday, September 13, 2010

As the long weekend rolled into another Monday, I tried to muster some amount of enthusiasm, just enough to open my eyes and see the morning’s brilliance peeking in through the window slats. As the sunshine heralded the start of a new day and I struggled to fend off sleep, a resolve formed. Life is too short, too fragile to be spent dwelling on superfluities. In that morning’s moment of clarity, I realized that I have become so inured to thinking the blues that I’m actually living it. As I threw back the covers and got out of bed, I shook the listlessness from my soul and let the day’s vibrance set in.


Loree said...

Life is too short to be despondent but I am sure we're all guilty of it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

my soul is never listless! i don't have one! :)

Angeli said...
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Angeli said...


"my soul is never listless" = ADHD


it's part of life. and, perhaps, we are better for it. :)

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