Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going Places

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I remember when we used to organize sleepovers at each other’s houses where we usually end up chattering until the wee hours of the morning. Through almost three decades of friendship, the thrill of being able to spend time together has not diminished. We now plan trips to countries we’ve never been before. Macau, Hong Kong, Halong Bay, The Great Wall of China—the places are all lined up for us to explore together. And wherever we go we still trade sleep for each other’s laughter and lively chatter. Girls who grew up in the same city, we have become travel bugs, eager to go to the places of our dreams. We’ve started to wander around and discover the world yet remain bonded in friendship.


Anonymous said...

Awww...really miss you girls...see you soon! :)- JeN

Angeli said...

Hey Jen! It will be like old times, huh? I am so excited! See in a few months! :)

Wala na naman tulugan ito. hahaha

Anonymous said...

korak! add to that, panagpagna again...buti na lng we have the LOGS to keep us walking...Baguio girls without doubt!-jen

Arti said...

Able to trade sleep for chatter... Yes, thats the true essence of friendship... Have a nice day..

witsandnuts said...

Makes me miss my friends who are situated in different places. I also want to "feel" the Great Wall of China.

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