Monday, June 28, 2010

conjugating verbs and adjectives

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am truly loving my Japanese lessons. Learning how to conjugate verbs and adjectives is so thrilling that I wake up each morning with the thought, "oh yes, I am doing my exercises today!"  It's great to have something new to look forward to every day.


A said...

Oh wow, you're learning Japanese? Angeli, I am so so so impressed :-)))

Angeli said...

yes i am, agnes. and i'm so loving it. :)

witsandnuts said...

Impressive! My Arabic is not progressing much as expected. Inadequate practice. :(

artemis said...

oh, so you are self-learning?

yeah, that book you chose is a good one for a start.

Angeli said...

actually, i had a tutor before who recommended that book. we only finished a few lessons because i had to go live in manila already. that was way back 2005 pa. since i've so much time on my hands naman, i thought of continuing (relearning, really) the lessons on the book by myself. i also repeatedly listen to Pimsleur's audio lessons to practice the pronunciation and the dialog part.

once i'm done with the basic lessons, i'd get myself a tutor-cum-conversation partner. i really want to learn. :)

artemis said...

oh, if you don't mind me asking, how much was per hour tutorial back in 2005? i think it was in 2006 that somebody told me that minimum per hour was 250?

Angeli said...

it was free. i was still working at PMA then, and an instructor (i think she's half-japanese) offered free tutorials. :)

what other materials do you suggest?

and are you teaching japanese, too?

artemis said...

that's i think the best material for a beginner who is not reading Japanese characters yet.

i notice many other pocket nihongo books in the bookstores but haven't really looked at them as i have enough of my school textbooks to use and still to learn more from. I do not know if they sell books like Nihongo no Kiso or/and Minnano Nihongo in bookstores - but these textbooks are for more serious studying.

i used to teach classes but not anymore. and so i haven't been using the language for quite a while now. :-)

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