Saturday, May 22, 2010

so much waste

Saturday, May 22, 2010

“The rest of us, not chosen for enlightenment, left on the outside of Earth, at the mercy of a Gravity we have only begun to learn how to detect and measure, must go on blundering inside our front-brain faith in Kute Korrespondences, hoping that for each psi-synthetic taken from Earth's soul there is a molecule, secular, more or less ordinary and named, over here—kicking endlessly among the plastic trivia, finding in each Deeper Significance and trying to string them all together like terms of a power series hoping to zero in on the tremendous and secret Function whose name, like the permuted names of

God, cannot be spoken . . . plastic saxophone reed sounds of unnatural timbre, shampoo bottle ego-image, Cracker Jack prize one-shot amusement, home appliance casing fairing for winds of cognition, baby bottles tranquilization, meat packages disguise of slaughter, dry-cleaning bags infant strangulation, garden hoses feeding endlessly the desert . . . but to bring them together, in their slick persistence and our preterition . . . to make sense out of, to find the meanest sharp sliver of truth in so much replication, so much waste. . . .”

~ Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow, 1978


Anonymous said...

i tried reading thomas pynchon's 'against the day'. i got sick of 'chums of chance' and having to read OED as well.

preterition? he is up to his penchant of using words that he, angeli and OED editors are only familiar with.

Angeli said...

you must read pynchon. he'll blow your mind. :)

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