Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After 682 posts in more than three years of blogging, I’ve neither run out of things to write about nor used up all possible reasons to continue writing. I usually write about whatever it is that occupies my mind, how I feel at a given moment, things that I observe or feel strongly about, and matters that I find abstruse and convoluted that they would be clarified only if I could articulate them. Writing is a cognitive challenge that infuses me with a sense of fulfillment and from which I invariably emerge consoled and augmented.

Inspiration doesn’t come every day though, and I feel like I’m merely repeating myself - writing about the same topic through an unchanged perspective and devoid of any new insights. It doesn’t bother me though, for constant and repeated contemplation brings me to that shimmering moment of lucidity. A person fixated with order and ritual, I find solace in repetition. My passion for the written word springs from and gratifies my incurable habit of rumination.

At the end of the day, the topics that get repeated are the ones that truly matter.

To write is to make a clearing in the wilderness in which, almost literally, you can see the wood from the trees. In the thick of anything, you hardly know who you are or where you're going (which is the redeeming power of experience); at your desk, recollecting emotion in tranquility, helped by memory's editing devices and imagination's hunger for possibility, you take something that might only have been heartache and turn it into something more provocative, enriching, and even instructive.” (Pico Iyer, Writing Undoes Me, Shambala Sun, November 2005)


witsandnuts said...

"At the end of the day, the topics that get repeated are the ones that truly matter." = Very well said, Angeli!

Kayni said...

you write about topics that matter to you - and you alone.

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