Wednesday, May 12, 2010

now that the dust is settling down

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now that the dust is settling down and winners are being proclaimed I am starting to miss the annoyingly repetitive airplay of campaign ads on TV. Those vacuous and illusory promises perfectly scripted to entice votes are easier to bear than the reality that now confronts the country. Without a script, can the new leaders articulate what plagues the land and what it takes to suppress it? Can our new president shine on his own without the reflected glow of his parents’ legacy? Will we be able to see changes take place in our country with all those familiar asses occupying the same seats?


Amelia said...

Honestly Angeli I have a lot of doubts on him. I can't feel his readiness to lead the country. I just hope he will not be a puppet leader of all these capitalist and businessman in the country. I wish our country will be better or good with his leadership.

Angeli said...

hi amelia. that, i think, is the prevailing sentiment.

like what they say: vox populi vox dei. we live in a democracy, and he's chosen by the many. :)

Anonymous said...

i am sure if he stops doing the comb over, his head will reflect some light to guide the country to prosperity.

now let us rally behind him and make the Filipinos proud. my country right or wrong!!

Angeli said...

hah! have some respect for the comb over, please. hahahah

Kayni said...

i'll stick to my statement for now ' we shall see. i'm so doubtful.

Anonymous said...


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