Monday, May 31, 2010

no raised eyebrows, no knowing smiles

Monday, May 31, 2010

Eyes gleaming with thinly-veiled judgment and self-satisfied incredulity, people stare at them. A dirty old man and a tramp. He must be rich; she must be after his money. In people’s furtive nudges and whispered conclusions the scorn is unmistakable. He looks old enough to be her father; she could have chosen a younger guy.

It is only when they travel abroad that they escape scrutiny. In other countries there are no raised eyebrows, no knowing smiles, no malicious looks. Obscured by their foreignness, they are lost in the multitude: dull and inconspicuous as any other couple. In foreign land they are accepted as an ordinary pair of travelers having the time of their lives.


Amelia said...

just don't think of those Angeli...detractors will always be there...

Anonymous said...

... a more upgraded person is not accepted in his/her own village.

just sing nosi balasi. haha

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