Friday, May 21, 2010

Good on Paper

Friday, May 21, 2010

The academic accolades, the illustrious career, the well-traveled, love-filled, picture-perfect life - it all looks good on paper, but even the most contented of us can still be overwhelmed by melancholy and regret for the life not lead. That’s what I sense from blog entries I read, daily Facebook status updates from casual acquaintances, and conversations with close friends. Sadness, which lurks at the edges of every person’s life, is common and ubiquitous. We all feign tranquility while we desperately scramble for a fix to deaden the pain; we all struggle for that single minute of stillness in this ceaseless tumult called life.


archer dee said...

i know of a person who vigorously pursued his passions. he now looks forward to a retirement spent on gardening, cooking and reading his vast collection of books. to me, that's how life should be lived, to the fullest and without regret.

Anonymous said...

Sheer profundity!

Angeli said...

hi unstranger. nothing profound: just an observation.

hi archerdee. that's similar to what my boyfriend plans to do in a few years: go back to the barrio, spend time on his farm and read my collection of books. i think i'll join him, too. :)

artemis said...

True. not following your heart's desires or the life you feel you should be living brings inner pain and regrets in the end. I believe the time is NOW to live life to the fullest.

Angeli said...

i agree! :)

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