Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday, April 30, 2010

We made our way in increments, although the center of the city can be covered within an hour’s walk – up Session Road to the small carinderia at the provincial bus station where we had dinakdakan, pinapaitan and pinikpikan,* local dishes we’ve long been craving for; towards down the road for some of that ice cream almost everyone is eating with what seems like delightful glee; towards Burnham Park where we paid homage to the heart of the city we all grew up in.


It was an afternoon of revisiting all those familiar places, a bubble of time that momentarily assuaged the longing for the harmony and comfort of what we’ve always considered as home. Our hearts bursting with merriment and thumping, we’re-back-we’re-back, we breathed the cool Baguio air and immediately felt invigorated. Nothing marred the tranquility of our walk, which ended when the streetlamps lights were lit, illuminating everything and letting us find, yet again, the city we thought we have lost.

*Dinakdakan is a dish of grilled chopped pork’s face, ears and tongue blended with lemon, onions, ginger and pork’s brain or mayonnaise; Pinapaitan is a bile-flavored stew of goat tripe and innards; Pinikpikan is chicken soup prepared by beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking.


artemis said...

hmmm, these days when i go downtown, i feel polluted and sweaty,, but i can understand your feeling of cool Baguio air.. though it's also summer here it's still much cooler than Manila.. that's one reason why i never wanted to work and live in Manila.

Kayni said...

hmm...dinakdakan give me some :). thank you for the walk through memory lane. i love Baguio.

Angeli said...

@artemis: hay naku. kasla impierno ditoy tatta. nakapudpudot.

@kayni: i said hi to session road for you! hahaha the dinakdakan is delicious. :)

witsandnuts said...

Dinakdakan sounds so appetizing to me. Never tried that yet. I love the photos!

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