Friday, April 16, 2010

An Opportunity to Break Away

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life affords us too few opportunities to break away from the tedious sameness of everyday existence that whenever one presents itself we can’t but grab it before it slips away. And that is why I am going home to Baguio in a week’s time. The change in the weather, the familiarity of my hometown, the sight of both the old and the new will certainly raise me from this languor and listlessness I’ve sunk into.


Anonymous said...

langour? you look better than eva langoria, i swear! hahaha

Angeli said...

i do not! ang ganda kaya nya.

Kayni said...

sounds good. a break can do wonders :). say 'hello' to Session Rd for

Anonymous said...

It's universal then. Maybe it's the time of year? Enjoy the break.

Agnes said...

have a great time Angeli.

and you do look better than eva longoria.

Angeli said...

thanks, everyone. i am excited to go. :)

kayni, i will not only say hello to Session Road for you but say hi to UP Baguio and Burnham Park, too. haha

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