Wednesday, March 10, 2010

travel is utterly romantic

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"…We headed off through the ragged gorgeousness of Bhutan, and after a few days the same giddiness we’d felt the first time around started to return. What is it about traveling that inspires that feeling? Is it that when you’re with someone and you’re not at home, you’re in a sort of bubble together, floating through the world, peering out at it together, bound to nothing—jobs, chores, social obligations, dry cleaning that needs to be dropped off—but each other? Is it that when you travel you can invent yourself anew, and the new person you become is freer and more engaged and more engaging that the persona you left at home? And even if you’re not in love, is this still what makes travel so seductive—the creation of a new buoyant version of yourself, unpunctured by the familiarity of people who know you and know that you have another self? Whatever it is that makes it feel this way, travel is utterly romantic and the experience of it is the experience of life idealized, and it makes you feel romantic, and romance-able, and this transformation seems more what makes it magical than any particular lovely landscape or fascinating culture you might encounter. Even bad experiences when you travel seem almost mythical—they are bad experiences, but also stories that you will tell around a table sometime later, exotic and fascinating in their badness." ~ The Best American Travel Writing 2007 edited by Susan Orlean


Kayni said...

so nicely writeen. i agree. when i travel, mostly solo, i get that unexplainable excitement of relief, of being far away from the usual, of learning about a new country or destination, and that feeling of accomplishing something different, something new.

Anonymous said...

do you think a cab fare worth 50 banh mi sandwiches is a bad experience of mythical proportion?

Angeli said...

i feel the same, kayni. :)

anonymous, that cab fare experience just tells us this: insist on using the meter. otherwise, get out of the cab! hahaha

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