Monday, January 11, 2010

Vietnam Chronicles Four: Freedom from Habit

Monday, January 11, 2010

I kept telling myself there is nothing to fear, but my heart was pounding hard and my stomach was clenched tight and I caught myself biting my lower lip. The narrow row boat continued to sway left and right, and I--maintaining a white-knuckle grip on its sides—imagined the boat toppling over and throwing me overboard. The boat ride seemed to last forever until I began to relax. Lulled by the beauty of the Mekong River, I realized that there is nothing to fear after all.

(Mekong River, Ben Tre Province, Mekong Delta)

Surrounded by the seemingly endless waters of the Mekong and the gentle breeze that threatened to blow my hat away, I began to drink it all in.

In a foreign country like Vietnam I am freed from the habits that order my life and the various fears that circumscribe it. Because I didn’t have to do the usual things I do, I got to do those I never dared to do before – things that were strange, new and exciting. Shielded by anonymity in a foreign place, I was able to leave--even just for a while--my comfort zone. I gave in to discomfort and, unexpectedly, had more fun as a result.


Kayni said...

Definitely, getting out of our comfort zone can be refreshing. You took great photos.

Agnes said...

I loved your post, Angeli. You have a beautiful "voice".

witsandnuts said...

This series is very encouraging. Lots of nice places to visit. =)

Angeli said...

@Kayni: thank you. it was a bit difficult to take pictures aboard a moving boat so i was able to take only a few.

@Agnes: thank you. i'm not that good at it, but i love writing.

@witsandnuts: it's too bad we weren't able to go to the northern part of the country. halong bay must be really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you handled it well! knowing that, if you don't drown the crocodiles will get you. :}

Angeli said...

you were there. you surely would not let anything bad happen, would you?


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