Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stop Calling Me

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How do you tell a guy who calls you in the middle of the night from some island in the Pacific to move on with his life? If a simple stop calling me does not do it, what will? If after almost three years and he still cannot comprehend that he is out of your life for good, there’s really no point in making him understand, is there?


witsandnuts said...

Just click the answer button and be back to sleeping. So that his telecommunications expense will explode. Lol. Seriously, what to do nga? (hugs)

Kayni said...

i agree with another way is to turn off your phone at night and sleep soundly.

Anonymous said...

put him on the reject list or screened list.

Angeli said...

@Wits and Kayni

I actually did that one time. While he's still talking, I went back to sleep. :)

I thought of that, too, but his number, since it's an overseas call using a satellite phone, does not appear.

Amelia said...

he is obsessed with you... :)

i don't know also...

Anonymous said...

Get a whistle, like a referee whistle. When you answer do not speak just continue to blow the thing into the phone. He'll hang up.

Anonymous said...

change your number! :-)

jacqueline said...

tama. receive the call but just go back to sleep. hope that makes him realize that he really is out of your life, and that you don't care about what he says anymore.

Angeli said...

He is not obsessed with me; he is just an a**hole. hahah

That is a good idea. hahaha

I'd change my number because of him? that's like altering aspects of my life for him. I will not give him that power anymore. :)

Let him spend for airtime this time. hahahah

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