Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Would you vote for him?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To indulge my curiosity, I began a presumptuous inquiry on how people around me--friends, family and colleagues--perceive one of the country’s presidential aspirants, Senator Noynoy Aquino, the one person who supposedly could bring renewed hope for the nation. I asked whether or not they would vote for him and why. Surprisingly, most said that they won’t for various reasons: his mediocre performance as a senator and his inexperience in governance; his feudalistic heritage highlighted by the Hacienda Luisita issue--the albatross around his neck--that has tainted him despite his good intention, sound platform and what they say as his capability to unite the nation; that he is merely a passing fancy made fashionable by the weight of his parents’ name and the showbiz glitz of his kid sister; his “messianic posturing” and “indecisiveness”, gleaned from his need to go on a weeklong retreat to seek divine guidance on whether or not to run for the presidency.

I, too, am not yet convinced. They say that the 2010 elections would be a battle between Good and Evil. It would probably be more like choosing the least of several evils.


eks said...

first off, i don;t vote at all. but if ever i decided to vote this 2010, i won;t vote for him. the reasons you cited more or less give the overall picture why i won;t vote for him.

artemis said...

it would be an improvement if it's really a battle between good and evil... but we shall not lose hope. :-)

Anonymous said...

First impressions always give true readings, so what was your first impression of this fellow?

Anonymous said...

battle between god and satan? what i know is satan set up the people for the kill and god smite them including animals. remember, sodom and gomorrah!

Angeli said...

who made satan in the first place. :)

since he purports to continue the fight his parents have started, everybody looks at him with reference to them. sadly, he pales in comparison.

@ eks
we are of similar minds. :)

it seems like one cannot distinguish good from evil nowadays. parang shades of both ang meron. :)

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