Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sting, Stink and Disarray

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The lusty wind blasting from the bus's windows, which stung her eyes and whipped her hair to disarray, carried the salty tang of the bay. Inhaling softly, she welcomed the sting, the stink and the disarray. This is what life is all about, she told herself.

As the bus plodded along the congested highway--stopping every few minutes to allow passengers in and out—she realized that the entire trip was an exercise in concentration. She focused, as much as she could, on the book she’s reading, relishing the narrative and letting it fill her with pleasure as books always do. Keeping to this simple joy, she endured the cacophony of horns and screeching tires, the indecipherable dialogue blaring from the overhead television set, the swelter of the vehicle packed with people jostling towards the exit or for that vacant seat. She knew not to let awful things consume her let alone distract her from enjoying life.


e[k]stranghero said...

life... yeah. don't you lose focus. life can either be happy or sad -- nasa sa atin na lang yun kung paano siya dapat titingnan. (hehehe, sorry, senti mode.)

Amelia said...

whatever it is....we are the one who makes our life happy...happier..happiest :)

Angeli said...

but sometimes it's hard to focus. the sad parts sometimes eclipse the happy ones. and no matter what we tell ourselves, we can't but see the former.

Amelia said...

but Happiness is a choice :)

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