Monday, September 7, 2009

A passion that strong, that early

Monday, September 7, 2009

Most people have never felt a passion that strong, that early. If so, they remember it with a smile, dismiss it as a crush that shriveled in time and on time. It’s hard to think of it any other way when real life shows up with its list of other people, its swarm of other thoughts…. One thing is true—it bears watching, if you can stand to look at it. Heed and Christine were the kind of children who can’t take back love, or park it. When that’s the case, separation cuts to the bone. And if the breakup is plundered, too, squeezed for a glimpse of blood, shed for the child’s own good, then it can ruin a mind. And if, on top of that, they are made to hate each other, it can kill a life before it tries to live.

By Toni Morrison, Love, 2003


witsandnuts said...

This is so touching. Especially the first three sentences.

Angeli said...

it is, isn't it? i am a fan of toni morrison. :)

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