Thursday, September 10, 2009

As long as they're happy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She must be very busy. Though hurt, we readily make excuses for friends who seem to ignore all our efforts to keep in touch. Oh, you know her work. She probably doesn’t have time to check her e-mail or return our calls. We shrug our shoulders and keep silent, with only a sigh of disappointment escaping our lips. We try to understand, and we learn to accept that things aren’t as they were before. Our lives have gone towards different directions—and against our wishes--making the friendship almost a thing of the past.

Stress, depression, preoccupation, disinterest - whatever the reason is, it is okay. As long as they’re happy, it is perfectly all right even if we rarely hear from them. As long as they're happy, we are willing to be ignored and forgotten for a while.


onyxx said...

i agree. sometimes growing apart can hurt more than having a huge fight with your friend, because you're always left wondering what you did (or failed to do) :(

Angeli said...

yeah.. and yet we cling to the belief that no matter what happens, the friendship will remain, right? he or she will still be one of our closest friends.

jacqueline said...

and that makes me decide to set a girls' night out on Friday... haven't seen my high school friends for months now. time to catch up.

Anonymous said...

The vagaries of life coupled with the choices we all make allow chance events to distract, it's more pronounced with some than others. Not easy either.

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